Domestic Violence - DV

Lawmakers, law enforcement, judges and juries do not take accusations of domestic violence lightly. While this area of law is constantly in flux, the organization of these laws almost always tips in favor of the supposed victims.

Domestic violence, or DV, can occur between any two people who live together — marriage or relationship status notwithstanding. If your partner calls the police and merely expresses being threatened by you, the responding officers are required to arrest you. This could include a range of threats, from menacing to harassment to damage of property and more. After which, the state will pursue a domestic violence case against you, even if the alleged victim wishes to drop charges.

This is serious business and requires the attention of a professional, experienced attorney. I am attorney Scott G. Cerbin, and at my New York City law firm, I have more than a decade of experience representing individuals who have been accused of domestic violence. These cases work through a special section of the court, and I am well acquainted with how the law operates.

If convicted, you could lose access to your home as you are put under a full order of protection. This will bar you from interacting with your children and other family members and prevent you from living your life and meeting the obligations you may be used to meeting.

I will carefully comb through your record and your relationship history, and I will interview any individuals who may be involved, including your partner. It is imperative that these cases are handled quickly and efficiently. I am committed to helping you obtain an outcome that serves your best interests and supports a brighter future for you and your family.

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